Thursday, July 08, 2010

I Will Second That Rumor Of Chris Columbus Directing SUPERMAN And Raise You S3D!

I was just about to post a pure rumor that I have received about SUPERMAN while on vacation from a brand new source for us but then I read a post over on supermanhomepage passing on roughly the same info. I have to apologize to my source because he did get me this information back on July 7 but I had no Internet access to capitalize on it.

However my source passed on rumored information that has not come to light yet: Chris Columbus has actually already been HIRED (and not just offered) the role of director for the upcoming SUPERMAN movie being produced by Christopher Nolan and WB is moving forward with a stereoscopic 3D man of steel for this project!

No word from Warner Bros. on either count but they have got to get their DC comic library into high gear to stay relatively close with competing Marvel properties. Exciting rumor though isn't it?

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