Saturday, July 24, 2010

More DRIVE ANGRY Photos!

Got some more photos of Patrick Lussier's DRIVE ANGRY for you as you prepare to get in your car to go see INCEPTION for the umpteenth time tonight!

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First up is Amber Heard sitting in what I believe is the movie's soon to be famous Dodge Charger, then we have David Morse and Nicolas Cage prepping for some shotgun bloodworks and finally a look at Billy Burke clutching a handy bone club.

Producer Michael De Luca had this to say about the movie (Slight spoilers): "Nic (Cage) starts this movie off in this same kind of genre of ‘I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. I can't trust anyone else to do this but me.' We're back in the age of the individualistic righteous hero. That [opening] scene is a great indicator of the kind of movie you're going to see. There's an insane car chase involving an RV, a Suburban, the Dodge Charger, police cars – it was a big clusterf*ck multi-vehicle car chase scene after a church gun fight that I think will be a showstopper and that's kind of in the middle of the movie. And then of course our ending, where Nic goes in for the final kill. Which actually shows his car performing the last example of heroics and just jumping over a prison wall and landing in the middle of this horrific scene where he has to rescue his granddaughter. I think those three bits will be the calling card for this movie in terms of ‘I haven't seen that before'. What's great is they all have an emotional undercurrent."

I have heard (via BloodyDisgusting - they had an awesome set visit) that this film is 40% driving cars and 60% on foot! Muscle car mania in a 3D hard R thriller. Sounds good! Will keep you updated when I get more...

Sources: | BloodyDisgusting

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