Monday, July 19, 2010

Official Fox Trailer For The AVATAR Re-release Online! 8 Additional Minutes Is Coming!!

This is an official trailer, verified by Fox! Check out what James Cameron has in store for us on August 27.

I have the 2D blu-ray of AVATAR but it does it no justice when compared to big screen 3D. Count me at the head of the line!

A full 8 minutes of additional footage will be included.

Personally, I will be looking for clues as to what might make it into the sequel(s). Take this screencap from the trailer for example - Jake is playing with a mobile depicting the gas giant Polyphemus and its moons (including Pandora). QUESTION: How does a bow and arrow culture know about the shape and color of their own planet? Were they taught by humans, like Grace? Interesting!

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