Thursday, July 15, 2010

RATATOUILLE Tastes Better in 3D! Yes, Stereoscopic 3D Version May Be Coming!!

RATATOUILLE is my favorite Pixar movie to date, so when I heard from FirstShowing, who heard from Slashfilm, who heard from Bleeding Cool who heard from the original source Hey U Guys I had to pass on the great potential news! And yes, news this good spreads like wildfire on the Internet.

Hey U Guys interviewed Pixar's Stereoscopic Supervisor, Bob Whitehill, and this is what he had to say on the matter:

"Ratatouille is one that we’re exploring doing [3D conversion on] and Brad Bird is very open to some changes, you know, some very subtle changes but slight reframings. If a character’s reaching forward and a pinky goes off screen, we’ll adjust the camera and the character a little bit to have the hand on. So that said, if the director’s open to minor modifications on a library title then that’s wonderful and we’re really excited about doing that."
Obviously with TOY STORY 1 and 2 already converted and the cheese being out of the bag for RATATOUILLE as well, it is safe to assume their remaining library will be swapped over. Disney is already converting BEAUTY AND THE BEAST if you will remember. FINDING NEMO would look awesome in 3D.

Don't forget that since these animations were created in a digital 3D world to begin with
, all Pixar/Disney has to do is just re-render them in 3D. There is nothing lost or artificially created. You can rest assured that Pixar will convert them the right way too!

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