Thursday, August 26, 2010

New International TRON:LEGACY Poster: Jem The Siren

A new international poster (supposedly Hungary) has appeared on (via /Film) featuring Beau Garrett as Jem in Disney's TRON: LEGACY. Jem is the lead Siren (a group of 4 Sirens plays the Grid Game's armorers - weapon and armor outfitters) and she interacts rather enigmatically with Sam Flynn (Kevin's son) in the movie's trailer.

Garrett recently told JustJared: “I felt sexy but also claustrophobic. It was a very painful process struggling to move for 15 hours straight. But after I put it on, that’s when I knew how my character would move and talk.”

To top off all this marketing hype and post Comic-con awareness that is going on for TRON: LEGACY, I have heard that the stereoscopic 3D is beyond wild. This thing was made to be in 3D with all those geometric lines and dimensional gameplay - TRON should be on the top of your list this holiday season...

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