Saturday, August 21, 2010

PIRANHA 3D Spoiler Free Review: 7 / 10 - Go See It

Saw PIRANHA 3D in my local RealD theater tonight and it was ALMOST exactly what I wanted from the hype! Of course it is focused on male audiences with plenty of nudity and innovative and bloody deaths, but there are some fairly good comedic scenes and yes I did laugh out loud quite a few times.

So how was the 3D?
The 3D conversion was done by a company called inner-D who won the business after beating out several other conversion companies. Personally, most of the 3D was passable. Did I mistake it for native 3D? Heck no. But there were some fairly decent shots. The main problem with this conversion is landscape distance; there were numerous occasions where the background was clearly either a chunk of flat 2D or the perspective was off significantly. On one shot, the water seemed to be impossibly high when compared to the shoreline - things like that really bother me. But for the tight, money shots? No complaints and that is why you are going to see this movie anyway - the tight shots.

Lenny Lipton's name is on this movie as a stereo consultant
, so they were tapping the right mind at least some of the time.

I give the 3D a 6.5 out of 10 when compared to well shot native 3D. Don't worry - it is much better than the CLASH OF THE TITANS conversion!

The acting was actually very good.
I dearly wanted more Richard Dreyfus! Elisabeth Shue was amazing as the local sheriff. Jerry O'Connell was perfectly cast.

As I have said, there is extreme gore in this film
- so be prepared for that. But most of all, be prepared for a great, summer 3D popcorn movie. PIRANHA 3D = 7 / 10 and it is FUN.

Alexandre Aja slaps you in the face with a bloody limb and you will LOVE it!!

Thanks to Empire Theatres for the screening.

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