Thursday, September 02, 2010

AVATAR 3D Blu-ray Coming December 1?

Good news and bad news. Can't say whether this is authentic or not, but is reporting they have a source that says the AVATAR 3D blu-ray will be distributed starting this December 1, bundled with Panasonic 3DTVs only.

They further said that ALICE IN WONDERLAND will be available in 3D as well but bundled only with Sony 3DTVs.

I know this is going to upset people but if this is true
, I don't expect we will see the phenomenon much longer as 3DTV adoption in homes is expanding rapidly. Obviously money exchanged hands to grant the TV manufacturers an exclusive window to release their respective bundles, and a domino effect may have been started with the first agreement to be signed for them to stay competitive with each other.

The sooner these agreements stop though, the better it will be for consumers. I want both titles, but not two 3DTVs.

Thanks David for the heads up...

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