Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Casting Call For THE HOBBIT This Weekend!!!

YES - we are finally here! The first official casting call for THE HOBBIT happens this weekend in Wellington, New Zealand. Yet still no "official" green light...

From The Hobbit casting department advertised in The Dominion Post yesterday for "short and tall" people for a preliminary casting call to take place at the Te Whaea National Dance and Drama Centre in Newtown on Sunday.

They are on the lookout for men aged 16 and over who are 1.23 metres (4ft) to 1.58m (5ft 2in) tall or over 2.03m (6ft 8in). Women, aged 16 or over, must be between 1.2m and 1.53m.

The casting call is not for the many extras that are likely to be needed for the two-part film, but for people to play "scale doubles" for the speaking cast.

A Jackson spokesman said actors playing hobbits and dwarves would be normal adult size. "Scale doubles appear in some wide shots in place of our actors and with other adult actors when we need people to look smaller or taller."

The casting call was for people who fitted those heights. Those that did not would be turned away. There would be other casting calls at a later date for different roles.

More than 4000 extras were cast for The Lord of the Rings.

Despite the casting call, The Hobbit had yet to get the official green light to begin full pre-production and shooting.

"But we do need to be prepared in the event that we get one. That means having a little look around Wellington for scale doubles," the spokesman said.

Baby steps people.
Or better said, Hobbit steps. We are getting there! More info when I get it...

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