Monday, September 13, 2010

MarketSaw's Review Of The IRON MAN HULKBUSTER Comiquette From Sideshow Collectibles!

I am suitably impressed with the products out of Sideshow Collectibles! I received my HULKBUSTER IRON MAN Comiquette from them a few weeks ago and decided I would give you a review of the statue because it is so impressive. So I hope you enjoy! Please forgive the decidedly low tech production - I just wanted to get it out to you.

I am hoping that the Hulkbuster Iron Man armor sees light in THE AVENGERS movie (in 3D!) as it potentially could - what an awesome battle that would be: IRON MAN vs. THE HULK!

Here's the Hulkbuster description: Each piece is individually painted and finished to exacting standards, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles product. It perfectly captures Tony Stark's most formidable armor in approximately 1:6 scale.

From Wikipedia: First Appearance: Iron Man (vol. 1) #304 (May 1994). The Hulkbuster armor is a heavy-duty exo-frame (an add-on to the Mk. XI Modular Armor) designed for maximum strength amplification at the cost of reduced versatility and mobility. As its name suggests, it was specifically designed for hand-to-hand combat with the rampaging Hulk. The armor was rated with a lift (press) capacity of 175 tons. During its maiden run, the armor enabled Stark to hold his own in sustained physical combat with the Hulk. An armor similar to the Hulkbuster armor appears in Iron Man: Armored Adventures referred to as the Dynamobuster armor. Also, in the video game Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, the military forces begin using "Hulkbuster" battle-suits, which are usually of similar size to the Hulk himself.

Check out the review!

Here are the statue's stats:
Price: $429.99 or Flexpay of $143.33 / month
License: Marvel
Product Type: Polystone Statue
Product Size: 21" H (533.4mm) x 18" W (457.2mm) x 18" D (457.2mm)*
Product Weight: 15.00 lbs (6.8 kg)*
Box Size: 26.75" H (679.45mm) x 19.25" W (488.95mm) x 14.25" L (361.95mm)*
Oversized Item
Est. Shipping Weight: 15.00 lbs (6.8 kg)*
Dimensional Weight (DIM): 68 lbs *

If you are interested in more details check out the Hulkbuster Iron Man Sideshow Collectibles page right here. I will be reviewing more Sideshow items soon - stay tuned!

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