Wednesday, October 13, 2010

HARRY POTTER Waves 3D Magic Wand On Back Catalog! HALF-BLOOD PRINCE Being Converted Now

Yes! I thought that word might get out that the fate of the unfinished DEATHLY HALLOWS 3D conversion is simply that it will be used for the 3D Blu-ray once it is released to homes. And while THAT is still not announced, David Cohen reports for Variety that Warner Bros is reaching back into the POTTER catalog and converting the last two iterations: THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX (2007) and HALF-BLOOD PRINCE (2009).

While that news is not entirely unexpected
(3D will most likely be used for most major sci-fi / fantasy franchise catalogs I am sure), what IS surprising is that Warner Bros has enlisted the conversion talents of Prime Focus, the same company that did the conversion of the critically panned CLASH OF THE TITANS. Prime Focus must have really impressed the studio brass with something to have overcome that massive conversion outcry. So how is it Warner Bros is sticking with them?

The studio must be banking on time.
Time to complete an entire movie with abundant quality control measures in place. David Yates has a lot to do with it too as he will play the pivotal role in watching over the conversion which reportedly will include all his POTTER movies. Further, earlier directors will also have to be called back for their input for their respective films. AND last but not least, Prime Focus must start hitting home runs.

Prime Focus has been refocusing on quality of late.
3D evangelist Jeffery Katzenberg of Dreamworks Animation has backed them publicly for recent work on their catalog and Prime Focus has placed a project's 'completion window' as being a top consideration in bidding opportunities.

Hey, the more 3D conversion companies in the ballgame, the better!
I am fully in Prime Focus' court if they can prove themselves with their next offering. They do have respect from their peers and that holds plenty of water with me. Let's see what they can do!

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