Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It Must Be Geek Day Today: THE HOBBIT Stays In NZ; BATMAN 3 Gets A Name AND AVATAR 2 And 3 Spooling Up!!

What else does October 27, 2010 have in store for us guys?

- First of all I awoke to an email from a friend of mine pointing to a BBC story that Peter Jackson's THE HOBBIT is officially staying in New Zealand for shooting! YES!

- Then I heard that Christopher Nolan's BATMAN 3 will be named THE DARK KNIGHT RISES from Hero Complex (via AICN) and that there will be NO RIDDLER. In fact Geoff Boucher postulates that it could be an expanded story for Two-Face. Hmmm. Interesting read. No 3D, but still geek worthy to be sure. Upset? Look, if Warner Bros wants to throw away at least 25% more box office and what I think is a superior product, then so be it. I am just glad the movie is getting made. No need to talk further about it on MarketSaw now though, unless it becomes a conversion project - Nolan/Pfister would have to shoot with this in mind though, so I am NOT holding my breath.

- To top it all off of course, James Cameron and Fox officially announce that AVATAR 2 and 3 will be Cameron's next gigs!

What else could possibly happen today? How about something more from the Marvel or DC universe? C'mon guys! Today of all days - don't let us down!! :-)

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