Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quick Post: Moving Speech From Sir Richard Taylor - This Is Why NZ Deserves THE HOBBIT Folks...

I was quite moved by Sir Richard Taylor's words in this speech (he is the Co-founder / Co-Director of Weta Workshop) sent in by a daily MarketSaw reader in New Zealand (Thanks Gem!) - I think you will be too. It is in 3D if you have the means to watch it, or watch it in 2D here.

Also seen in the clip is Gino Acevedo - Senior Prosthetics Supervisor of Weta Workshop.

Warner Bros - if you are reading and watching this video, please consider the passion that these New Zealanders bring to THE HOBBIT's table. It would be unmatched anywhere in the world and impossible to quantify.

Watch this clip:

Best of luck Kiwi!! We all love ya.

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