Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rumor: Bradley Cooper Is THE FLASH?!?

**UPDATE: Oct 15, 2010 - No dice. Cooper denies his involvement: "I've never heard anything about it ever in my life. It's funny".

Word on the street
(via Moviehole) has Bradley Cooper up for the coveted role of DC Comics' THE FLASH. Personally I see this as a great fit. He has a quirky persona that fits and he is always in excellent physical shape.

If you will remember, Cooper was up for GREEN LANTERN and lost out to Ryan Reynolds and Warner Bros dearly wants to keep Cooper within their ranks.

Deadline reports that the script for THE FLASH (written by Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green with Greg Berlanti) will be handed into Warner Bros sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

This is definitely one of the great hopes of DC Comics / Warner Bros future franchises! Can't wait to see this property developed as soon as possible. More details when I get it!

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