Wednesday, November 03, 2010

MUST WATCH: Cameron And Landau Talk At Length About The AVATAR Extended Collector's Edition!!

**UPDATE Nov 6: AVATAR official site has new footage! Thanks Nick!

Guys - this is thrilling footage, shot by our friend Steve over at Collider (one of my favorite movie sites) - it is definitely worth investing the time to view these two clips. Steve recorded the ENTIRE HOUR that director James Cameron and producer Jon Landau spoke to the audience at BLU-CON 2010.

Here's what they discussed:
- Why they love the Blu-ray format & the technical benefits associated with the format.
- How AVATAR SPECIAL EDITION will have 3 different versions on the same disc.
- Why Fox gave them the $1 million / minute needed to finish those extra 16 minutes of deleted scenes.
- Why if you buy this special edition disc, there will NOT be another one coming out later to soak you again.
- Those same 16 minutes of deleted scenes were completed in 3D so when it comes time for the 3D disc release it is all set to launch.
- Much, MUCH more. Riveting details...

Here are the clips! ENJOY:

Awesome or what? And these guys are getting set to weave their magic again and AGAIN with AVATAR 2 & 3! More when I get it... GREAT JOB Steve!

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