Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SPOILERS!! GREEN LANTERN Trailer Details Emerge Along With Image Of Abin Sur!!!

**WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!! Do not read further if you want a pristine viewing experience with the upcoming GREEN LANTERN trailer that pre-rolls in front of HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PT1 on November 19.

Interesting and unverified information from Comic Book Movie about the upcoming GREEN LANTERN trailer starring Ryan Reynolds!

Click on the image to enlarge - hi res available here.

Here is the supposed trailer description:
They show Abin Sur crashing, then you see Hal Jordan standing over Abin, they made him look a little different than what we’ve seen in the comics and movies, instead of a mostly human shaped face, he seems to have these (for lack of a better description) what looks like curved horns pointing down from his jaw line. They’re not horns but the best way I can describe it (MrDCU: What he is referring to is the almost elastic looking way Abin's Skin is if you have seen the ComicCon pictures you know what I mean). Then they show him with the ring. There’s a scene with Hal and Carol in the locker room going back and forth a bit, Hal makes a comment about her helping him with his pants. There’s a scene with him talking to Tom about him not having fear and his friend gives him a look and he goes “yeah I know”. Another scene where Tom’s sitting on a couch and Hal goes “Check this out” and he instantly changes into his costume. Tom goes “That’s cool” Hal: “I know” Tom: ”What do we do now?” Hal shrugging: “Go fight some bad guys”. A scene where Hal makes a huge fist construct to right hook a bunch of bad guys. The construct looks solid with what seems like mist coming off of it, don’t know if they’re trying for an excess energy look…, There’s also a scene where he’s taken up to what looks like a ring in space that shoots him into hyperspace to Oa. It was a quick long shot of it, but that may be the way they are explaning what Abin Sur crashed in. They show Oa briefly. There’s a shot of Hector looking normal, then there’s also a quick shot of Hector with a bigger head.

MrDCU: I will explain some of the bits where the guy doesn't make sense. Abin Sur doesn't crash because of the hyperspace ring, he crashes because a Parallax possessed Krona attacks him when he is carrying the body of a dead Lantern (Sector 2015) to their home planet, which causes him to crash to Earth. Hal goes into hyperspace because of a fail safe in the rings where when he flies for the first time, he is automatically sent into hyperspace and to Oa for training.

Very cool stuff! Can't wait to see this in action if in fact this turns out to be true. What do you think of Abin Sur's image? Again - very cool!!

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