Thursday, December 23, 2010

3D Pioneer Chris Condon Has Passed

A sad day in the 3D industry, especially with the early pioneers. Entrepreneur, inventor and DP Chris Condon (Christo Dimitri Koudounis) passed away December 19 from complications due to a stroke. He was 87.

Condon developed 3D camera lenses such as 35mm and 70mm reflex motion widescreens and it should be pointed out that his designs were the first to allow single camera 3D capture whereas other solutions required two.

He received the first lifetime achievement award from the International 3D Society this past October.

Jim Chabin, president of the Society: "He was 3D before 3D was cool. A lot of people feel he paved the way for 3D now. He loved the new 3D movies."

Condon was Director of Photography for JAWS 3D and was co-producer and cinematographer for the softcore porn THE STEWARDESSES which grossed $27m off a budget of $100,000 back in 1969.

RIP Chris.

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