Saturday, January 29, 2011

3D Geek Alert: Life Size HULK Now Available... For A Fair Chunk Of Green...

Wow! This is one impressive mannequin! Standing almost 8 feet tall (94 Inches), this made of fibre piece is quite intimidating. One has to consider their ceiling height before ordering!

And also your wallet. Muckle Figures of Germany has the price at about $3300 USD without considering shipping, etc. Not completely sure as of yet, but I believe there is a US distributor for these pieces, Section 9 Entertainment.

Stephan Lokotsch of Section 9
spoke to Marvel:
"I believe when choosing a design for a consumer product like this, it is best to commit to one version or another to do it justice--either film or comic--not a blend," Lokotsch said. "When tying the marketing into the movie campaign, it is even more paramount to mirror the look people are then exposed to via the film and its advertising."

"We always aim for characters in dynamic poses as opposed to statues simply standing lifelessly with their arms down," Lokotsch said. "In the case of Hulk, Studio Oxmos nailed the character pose, without which, the character would not have as much impact as it does. We oftentimes seek guidance from trailers, comics and cover shots to choose the most representative and affective pose. A crucial factor hereby is also for both Muckle and Oxmos to determine that the pose can practically be manufactured, the process of which has become sort of short-hand language, as Oxmos' Marc Klinnert knows exactly what will and will not work."

Here are the specs:
Client: Muckle Mannequins
Marvel: TM & © Marvel
Sculpture: Studio Oxmox
Figure Height: 240 cm
Base: Metal base 140 x 80 cm
Material: Fibre
Parts: Body, arms, hip with leg, leg
Packaging: 5 boxes per figure
Edition: Limited
Cost: ~$2400 Euro (~$3300 USD)

Personally I prefer the smaller and high quality Sideshow Collectibles for my collection. Then again, I don't have a 10 foot high collectibles room yet at my place! You can check out other pieces Muckle Figures have to offer on their site right here.

You can see THE HULK next in THE AVENGERS coming May 4, 2012. In 3D of course...

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