Sunday, January 23, 2011

HELLO! **GOODBYE [UPDATED]: Keanu Reeves Says Two More 3D Matrix Movies In Dev *AND* He Is Working On A 3D Samurai Movie Right Now!!

Sounds like this is a fabrication according to the school where Reeves was supposed to have spoken and also his own team. Waiting for AICN to comment on the whole thing.

Grrrr. I wanted this to happen!

We have some particularly exciting news from Neo himself, Keanu Reeves
who was addressing a crowd at the London School Of Performing Arts university:

1. He's a third of the way through a massive training program to star in a 3D samurai movie (47 RONIN) that will be a HARD R.

2. Wachowskis are planning to create two more MATRIX movies
bringing Reeves back as Neo! They have discussed the usage of 3D for these movies with none other than James Cameron. He spoke further about how this time around the movies will live up to the name THE MATRIX and deliver never seen before technical achievements.

There is further talk about a BILL & TED sequel and a futuristic Will Smith vehicle that had it's script sold to Warners for $5m. Read more about it at AICN.

Developing more innovations like bullet time? I am ALL FOR IT! In 3D no less. THE MATRIX was a generational event movie that I compare to STAR WARS and AVATAR for its cultural importance. More of THE MATRIX? YES!!

More when I get it...

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