Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Must See: New Photos From Jet Li's FLYING SWORDS OF DRAGON INN

We finally have some images from director Tsui Hark's FLYING SWORDS OF DRAGON INN starring Jet Li! The movie has a $35 million budget and centers on a warrior couple battling with imperial agents in a desert inn.

December 2011 is slated as the release window.

Says Hark: "There are three major criteria pertaining to wushu choreography, the exquisiteness and difficulty level of the moves, the set up as a whole, and how to use film to show the characteristics and principles behind wushu. 3D brings about a whole new visual experience, and would ultimately result in actions designed originally for 2D filming losing impact, so, we can't simply import these three points based on traditional ways of filming, but have to come up with actions that are most suitable for 3D showcase."

Jet Li's take on 3D is that it is presenting added work for him as an actor as scenes that might have been a perfect take in 2D, must be re-shot to present stronger sense of depth. To me it sounds like there may not have been as much 3D expertise on the set as there should have been.

Says Li:
"But, after this film, I suppose my martial arts ability would be improved, for now, I could even get into precise positioning mid-air. Tsui Hark is fond of editing a whole set of action on the spot on the set, and watching the wuxia action through 3D glasses, the feelings of strength and speed are greatly magnified and enhanced, as if everything is taking place just 1m before myself, so I would feel more nervous, and tense too."

I am really looking forward to seeing this movie - well ANY Jet Li movie! See more photos here. More when I get it.

Sources: Wu-jing | Bleeding Cool

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