Monday, January 10, 2011

Oliver Stone, Michael Mann And Baz Luhrmann Talk S3D!!

Check out this video of Oliver Stone, Michael Mann and Baz Luhrmann at this year's CES. In particular pay attention to Mann's comments on 3D. A friend of mine is hosting the panel - Geoff Boucher of the LATimes.

Oliver Stone has said that filmmakers shouldn't shoot in 3D unless they have the budget for it; otherwise it is putting too much pressure on yourself. The statement makes sense, but it makes sense for just about any line item in a budget! Create your vision within your scope is what I like to say.

Baz Luhrmann has interestingly said (via THR) that he might shoot THE GREAT GATSBY in 3D, but no final decision has been made. He HAS workshopped 3D for the project however, which is a positive.

Have a look at the clip and then we can discuss Mann's comments...

Whoa there!
A Michael Mann narrative drama in 3D! I would LOVE to see that happen. He is one of my favorite visionary directors - HEAT will always be one of my favs.
So after hearing about Coppola and his continued interest in 3D, and now this trio (though Stone did not say he was planning a S3D project) - I would have to say 3D is "crossing the chasm" as it were and building for a storied place in Hollywood's legacy!

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