Saturday, April 09, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Cameron WILL Be Diving The Pacific Despite Rumors; We Talk Higher Frame Rates & An AVATAR Novel Update!

Finally had some time to edit, render and upload this clip for you after getting back from CinemaCon. More on the way!

In this clip I am talking with James Cameron about a few things:
1. Cameron dismisses the rumors that he will not be shooting at the bottom of the Pacific after the Japan earthquake and aftershocks. He will indeed be diving and shooting, potentially AT THE SITE of the quake in the Japan trench to see what has happened. His plans are to head down in June of 2012. Note how eloquently he corrected me about the name of the third plate that interacts with that area of the Pacific floor! I did know that it was the Australian plate, but for some reason I said Indian. He was on the ball though.

2. We discussed his brilliant higher frame rate presentation! The action scenes looked especially spectacular. With Peter Jackson now shooting THE HOBBIT at 48 fps and Cameron definitely going with a higher frame rate for AVATAR 2, it is only a matter of time for this new standard to become the norm.

3. As many (I say MANY) of you have been asking me privately and publicly for an update on the AVATAR novel I did take the time to ask Cameron about it. Unfortunately there is no real news to report on and it will be ready when it is ready. Don't forget that he is also hard at work on the script for AVATAR 2 too and if they are to start shooting next summer that has to be the priority I would wager.

Time was clearly an issue when speaking with Cameron as he is in high demand.
I want to thank Jim for the time he was able to share and I look forward to further discussions!

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