Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Exclusive Interview: James Cameron & Vince Pace On New Business: Cameron - Pace Group. Details On ARRI Collaboration!

Hey guys - have a special treat for you! I had the opportunity to interview James Cameron and Vince Pace via phone from their NAB appearance to announce their new business, the Cameron - Pace Group (CPG).

I shared the discussion with two other reporters but their audio was so low that I had to unfortunately cut out their questions entirely. They asked questions about 3D sports and high definition so I included the relevant answer portions from Cameron and Pace which was loud and clear. Of course my questions came through with no issue at all.

The biggest thing I got out of the discussion was that the Cameron - Pace Group will be stepping up to the plate to push a "gold standard" for the 3D industry to aim to match going forward. They are not the only ones. I will have more on that in a new post coming soon.

It's always a pleasure to speak with these guys who clearly have an ample finger on the pulse of S3D and are driving forces of the modern S3D changeover. I have also included several clips from their NAB presentation that I'm sure you will find enjoyable!

Here is what transpired during the interview - feel free to skip to the parts of your interest, but I invite you to listen to the whole thing:

1:20 - "Gold Standard" 3D: Ensuring the public gets the best 3D possible. Probably the single most important aspect of this announcement for me.

6:40 - Higher Frame Rate Discussion

10:35 - Higher Resolution: Essentially it should be listed as a second tier priority after higher frame rates and for very elegant reasons as outlined by Cameron.

12:18 - New Technologies In Play For Upcoming Projects: Cameron talks about their new system utilizing the ARRI ALEXA M camera, which is a 5.5 lb sensor block that is designed for S3D use. Pace talks about their new automation software suite that helps automate many aspects of shooting in 3D, thus reducing production time, costs at both set and bringing experts in.

14:52 - 3D Sports Discussion

Have a listen:

Further, I invite you to watch some clips provided to me highlighting Cameron and Pace at the NAB Show in Las Vegas that is happening right now. ENJOY!

Stay tuned for more on the Hollywood "Gold Standard" for S3D!!

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