Monday, April 18, 2011

GRAVITY Starts Production In May - Alfonso Cuaron Will Convert In Post

Well I am a bit disappointed with the news, but Alfonso Cuaron will be converting GRAVITY to S3D during post production. The hugely anticipated Sci-Fi thriller about a space mission gone wrong and an attempted return to earth will start lensing at the end of May.

The producer of the movie, David Heyman (image) told Collider: “The whole film has been pre-vised and figured out, it’s f*ckin’ awesome. I mean, unlike anything you’ve seen in space. It’s just great.”

"We’re using technology that’s never seen before. This film will be more immersive, I believe, than anything you’ve seen before. You will really feel like you are in space. It will not be an objective view of space, it will be an immersive view of space. And you know as you say, with Children of Men, he loves these long shots. It’s gonna be a really bold, bold film."

And further on S3D: "…actually, we did some tests. Because this film is being made almost entirely digitally, a huge amount of it’s being made digitally. 3D felt like a really organic—because so much of it’s being done digitally, you can make the 3D in a post process much more easily than if you were shooting all live-action or sitting in a room."

Sounds as though much of the movie will be CG, including the sets, so yes that is true: 3D conversion should be easier and a bit more elegant. Cuaron still has to shoot with 3D in mind and I actually hope he enlists an experienced stereographer; just to give him the tips almost anyone would need while shooting - especially marathon shots.

Good luck to Cuaron on this - George Clooney and Sandra Bullock should ace their roles as they are both excellent actors. Hopefully the conversion will be a good one. Looking forward to more news!

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