Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have been so excited about this movie since day one and thus far there is very little to suggest to me that Warner Bros is not going to pull this thing off. It looks like a masterpiece of super hero fodder.

What I love most about all these hero movies coming out is that it is introducing so many to the rich characters and incredible storys behind them. Comic books certainly have their following, but obviously they are not ubiquitous. Tentpole films are in your face and if they are executed correctly (like the modern BATMANs and SPIDER-MANs) they will suitably wow most audiences, sometimes just slapping them in the face with how brilliant they have been created.

Make no mistake, GREEN LANTERN is a VERY important movie for Warner Bros. The studio is seeking to replace the lost POTTER movies with the DC Comics line up of adapted comic books. BATMAN and SUPERMAN are obviously the big plays, but this is the real battle ground - the second tier heroes if you will. Marvel is doing it very successfully and DC has to keep up.

With this TV spot, we see more of the finished CG and some new glimpses at what is in store for us! I was so tempted to look away for fear of spoiling my initial pristine viewing experience in the theater, but no worries. Not too much more is given over and above the original trailers.

You can begin to see the epic scale of this project, and to my critical eye - suspension of disbelief is there! I am soooo looking forward to this. Yes, THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA are top of mind too, but it is GREEN LANTERN that is really catching my attention. Man I hope it delivers!

More when I get it!!

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