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CBS And CAMERON–PACE Group Win Sports Emmy For US Open Tennis Championship In 3D

Very cool award! Congratulations Vince and James!! Emphasis below is mine...

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Recognizes CBS Sports and CAMERON – PACE Group with “The George Wensel Technical Achievement Award” for the 2010 US Open Tennis Championship in 3D

BURBANK, CA, May 6, 2011 – CAMERON – PACE Group announces it won a Sports Emmy Award with CBS Sports at the 32nd Annual Sports Emmy Awards held at Lincoln Center in New York City on Monday, May 2, 2011.

CAMERON – PACE Group (formerly PACE) was the innovative company responsible for designing and supplying six FUSION 3D camera systems including three 2D/3D integrated camera rigs, Shadow D powered with Shadow Vision system technology and the fully integrated, on-location live broadcast mobile unit, FUSION Mobile 1 Unit™ for CBS Sports’ 2010 US Open Tennis Championship. This live 3D sports broadcast marked the first time in history that the US Open Tennis Championship was captured in 3D and the first ever live 3D broadcast utilizing CAMERON – PACE Group’s 2D/3D integrated camera rig, Shadow D. Both companies were awarded under “The George Wensel Technical Achievement Award” category which recognizes technical innovation that is extraordinary and enhances the broadcast for the viewer for the US Open Tennis Championships - 3D at US Open Tennis Championships production.

“We are honored to be recognized with CBS Sports for the US Open Sports Emmy,” said Vince Pace, Co-Chairman and CEO of CAMERON - PACE Group. “The future of 3D sports hinges on the integration of critical camera positions. Utilizing the Shadow D System we were able to give the viewer a courtside seat without any additional operators, seat kills or camera positions; a win/win for all.”

With live 3D sports production continuing to rise, CAMERON - PACE Group saw the opportunity to revolutionize the 2D and 3D live sports production capture process with the design of an integrated 2D/3D camera rig, known as Shadow D and the development of the Shadow Vision system technology. The Shadow D rig stacks a 3D camera next to a longer 2D camera lens and allows one camera operator to control and drive both cameras with one set of controls, capturing 2D and 3D images simultaneously. This allows 2D camera operators to capture 3D without learning new production techniques, reduces 3D production costs and solves the conflict of 2D and 3D camera placement around a sports venue.

"It's great that our technology is being recognized," said James Cameron, Co-Chairman of CAMERON - PACE Group. "The Shadow D allows the use of shared camera positions and operators. It's all about creating a business model that works, that makes 3D cost effective for broadcasters."

CAMERON – PACE Group first unveiled the Shadow D rig at the 2010 NAB Show. Since then the Shadow D rig has been utilized for various live 3D sports productions including the CBS Sports’ 2011 Masters Golf Tournament, CBS Sports’ 2010 US Open Tennis Championship, ESPN’s 2010 ESPN Masters Golf Tournament, ESPN’s 2010 Summer X Games and HBO Sports’ 2010 Boxing. At this year’s NAB Show, Vince Pace and James Cameron showed a 3D clip from CBS Sports’ 2011 Masters Golf Tournament during their opening keynote speech in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About CAMERON - PACE Group:
CAMERON - PACE Group is advancing the future of 3D across all media channels by making the most advanced products, support solutions and creative tools available and accessible to networks, studios, broadcasters, filmmakers and creative teams around the globe. The company is singularly dedicated to building upon the strong foundation of innovative technology developed by its visionary co-founders, James Cameron, Vince Pace and Patrick Campbell, and leveraging its unmatched 3D expertise to help content producers realize 3D's full potential as a creative and powerful storytelling medium and remove any barriers that prevent global audiences from experiencing the most compelling, engaging and high quality 3D entertainment possible. CAMERON - PACE Group was founded in 2011 by Vince Pace and James Cameron. The company is headquartered in Burbank, CA.

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