Monday, May 16, 2011

MUST SEE: New TINTIN Posters! Trailer Coming Tomorrow?

Ahhh, finally! I just landed in Vancouver (Screen Gems has invited me on a set visit for UNDERWORLD 4 - YES - a native 3D production; more on this soon) and have discovered that two posters have been released for Steve Spielberg's (and Peter Jackson's) upcoming MEGA blockbuster, TINTIN!

I simply adore these quality posters. This is what the movies are all about! Intrigue. Adventure. And of course S3D and cutting edge movie technology!

The first image is courtesy of Empire, while the second comes to us via AICN. Both have Tintin and Snowy (the dog) superimposed on different backgrounds - both are amazing. You can start to get the feeling for the emotions that Tintin will display in the movies from his look here.

Apparently Empire is promising the first trailer for us tomorrow! This is the moment we have been waiting for for so long - Spielberg and Jackson's TINTIN in action. Can't believe the time has finally come. To think of seeing this and subsequent trailers in 3D pre-rolling in theaters during the coming months moistens the eye... :-)

...and have they axed "THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN" sub-line? Hmmm. Perhaps, seeing as this is the first of the series. Does this bode well for sequels if true? I think they will keep the sub-line in personally. We'll see!

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