Sunday, June 12, 2011

Oh YEAH! Zemeckis is BACK! In Talks To Direct Hanks In MAJOR MATT MASON!!

I could not be happier - I am beside myself. I simply love Robert Zemeckis' live action movies (and the ROGER RABBIT hybrid) and it is with great pleasure that I pass on to you (via Variety) that Zemeckis is in talks to direct Tom Hanks in MAJOR MATT MASON.

Yes, the Oscar winning team are at it again! It gets better. Hanks has championed this for a couple of years now and in fact co-wrote the screenplay with Graham Yost (I am a HUGE fan) of SPEED, BAND OF BROTHERS, THE PACIFIC fame. Graham is the son of Elwy Yost who fronted SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES for 25 years (I lived in the Toronto area for 10 years). Their family oozes credibility.

Gary Goetzman is producing.

MAJOR MATT MASON will be a S3D release, but no official word that it will be native or conversion. My bet is native given the toys that Zemeckis could play with these days! Hanks' Playtone Productions has done one other 3D production to date: MAGNIFICENT DESOLATION: WALKING ON THE MOON 3D.

The budget is pegged at over $100 million and it is based on the retired (but probably soon to return) Mattel action figure.

Here's a brief Wikipedia description of the Mattel character:
Major Matt Mason was an action figure created by Mattel, an astronaut who lived and worked on the moon. When introduced in 1966, the figures were initially based on design information found in Life Magazine, Air Force Magazine, Jane’s, and other aviation- and space-interest periodicals. Later, the line would attempt to transition into the realm of science fiction.

Tom Hanks in space again!! Brilliant. More when I get it!

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