Saturday, June 04, 2011

TRANSFORMERS: New Wingmen Featurette!

Hey guys - got a new behind the scenes (which I live for!) featurette from TRANSFORMERS for you to have a look at. I believe bits and pieces of this has been shown in other clips but this is the full on treatment in looking at these crazy building jumpers or "wingmen".

Michael Bay likes to push the boundaries in just about everything he does so why stop at stunts of all things? These guys must be a tad nuts to do these jumps. The end result should be spectacular!

Have a watch:

Early reviews have pegged TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON's 3D at par or better than James Cameron's AVATAR. That is a massive statement right there. AVATAR was mainly performance captured so to compare that to a live action bodes well for Bay.

Note that DARK OF THE MOON has been moved up to a June 29 release date!

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