Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Hey guys - when I get more TINTIN news I like to pass it on right away so here is a still image from the upcoming tentpole. Tintin is obviously nose deep into a book, potentially researching something for his adventure.

I like this shot much more than the earlier ones AND the trailer actually. It shows some fairly intense reading and comprehension going on which is a challenge to do when all you have is performance capture data to go on. Ask James Cameron and weta. But weta has this DOWN. I am so confident that all will be ok with the uncanny valley that I seldom even think about it not being achieved! Jamie Bell's emotions will be capped in this thing and from his body of work it looks like he can get the job done. Especially with Spielberg's tutelage.

More info when I get it! Look for TINTIN on December 23 (October 26 in Europe - a good move because Tintin is HUGE over there and will build massive anticipation over here).

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