Thursday, September 22, 2011

3D Geek Alert: RED Has A Laser 3D Projector Coming - For Both Theater AND The Home!

Yes, those same crazy guys who have released the 5K Red Epics now have RED Laser Projectors on their roadmap! Now that means it is still might be quite some time from having them ship (Jannard says "sooner rather than later"), but still - judging by the comments that Jim Jannard posted on his RedUser forums - we will be in for a treat when they do hit the market.

I will go on to describe what I know about laser tech later on in the post, but to whet your appetities, here are the quotes:

Stephen Pizzo- Co-Founder of Element Technica and now partner of 3ality Technica: "After watching a demo of RED's laser projector I've been struggling to find a way to describe it. Comparing it to traditional professional systems is completely inadequate. I have never witnessed 3D that was as bright or brighter as the best 2D projections until now. It generated the best color, best dynamic range and best images I have ever seen in 3D or even 2D. When I learned we were watching at 1/4 of its total resolution I was speechless. It was so clean and so vibrant the only thing I can compare it to is Cibachrome. That's it, a giant moving Cibachrome!"

Mark L. Pederson- OffHollywood: "Aldey & I got treated to a sneak peak yesterday and we could not stop watching. You have to see it to believe it. I have NEVER seen better projection - from any projector - at any price point. I can't stop thinking about it. It was beyond stunning."

And Jannard went further to say: "We have a very narrow target.... shoot 5K, post to 4K, deliver with REDray and display with the new RED projector, 2D and 3D. Easy stuff to understand."

Moreover it is as I suspected - these projectors will be PASSIVE. So I am assuming the polarization is being done at the light source. Laser's are perfect for doing that. Laser TVs will use a similar approach to 3D. No heavy glasses any more at home and you can rest assured you will have a full HD experience at a minimum.

Further, when images are projected with conventional systems they also project the color black which actually does not turn out as such of course, more like a dark grey. With this new type of scanning laser system, the blacks ARE black because there is simply no color at all sent to the screen! And to the best of my knowledge there are no lenses in these systems whatsoever so no degradation of the image and amazing contrast.

And finally, a true solution to not projecting 3D bright enough. We can all assume that the pricepoint will be significantly lower than the competition I would wager - especially since we are talking about a home theater version too. Man I hope this all comes to fruition - AND SOON! More when I get it.

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Thanks for the heads up Mark!!

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