Thursday, September 08, 2011

Cameron | Pace Group 3D Cameras Will Shoot WALKING WITH DINOSAURS 3D For Theatrical Release!

With solid financing from mega-producing Reliance, the BBC's WALKING WITH DINOSAURS 3D movie will be shot with state of the art Fusion 3D camera systems from the Cameron | Pace Group (CPG). Distribution will be through Fox who have set a a launch date of Q4, 2013.

Note that this is a theatrical movie based on the original TV series WALKING WITH DINOSAURS and not simply a continuation of that series.

Evergreen will be producing and will become a certified company using CPG technology. The $65 million production will be shot in Alaska.

Says James Cameron: “Our goal was to create a brand name that was associated with quality in 3D. To do that, we had to have the best technology we could come up with in-house and operate that technology in the field, and most importantly we had to form alliances and partnerships with people who also want to do high-quality 3D. Evergreen and the BBC are perfect examples of this.”

So cool to see a major motion picture evolve out of the original series! I have that series and my family and I love watching it whenever we get a chance to. And to shoot it in 3D with cutting edge technology is brilliant of course!

Source: THR

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