Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Two THOR Featurettes Now Online: BUILDING (And Blowing Up) THE SMALL TOWN

Two very cool, yet brief behind the scenes clips show us the creation and destruction of that small desert town that was used in THOR. I am always intrigued with the magic that goes on behind the camera and the extent at which a director will go to get the right shot. That includes the whole circle of life for a town!

If you have seen THOR then you know what happens to much of the town and why they had to build it from scratch. I won't go into detail but feel free to discuss in the comments. Obviously, as seen in the second clip, devastation is around the corner...

I wish the featurettes were longer but I am sure they meant to just whet our appetites for the Blu-ray disc release today. Have a look...

Source: TrailerAddict via /Film

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