Sunday, October 16, 2011

THE AVENGERS At NYCC 2011 - Trailer Most Viewed Ever On iTunes! New Short Featuring Agent Coulson!!

We have some Avenger photos / clips for you from the NYCC 2011 show - wish I was there this year!

Mark Ruffalo was a surprise visitor apparently as it was not advertised he would be there, but why not? He is an Avenger after all.

Love the energy in that room for the panel! A lot of confidence being displayed - I guess I would be confident of my movie too if it had 10 million trailer downloads on iTunes in the first 24 hours (Oct 11)! That my friends, is a new record.

Marvel has also released a new short featuring Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg - who is also on the Avengers panel clip). The clip will also be on the CAPTAIN AMERICA DVD / Blu-ray coming out October 25. Great to see him in action! Hope that carries through to THE AVENGERS.

Here are the clips (the panel is first followed by Coulson's short) - ENJOY!

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