Monday, November 28, 2011

75 Percent Of HUGO's Audience Is Choosing 3D! And Justifiably So... Oh And The Movie Is 9.5 Stars

If you haven't seen Scorsese's HUGO yet, I must say - get out and see it because it is truly a magical movie. And, as 75 percent of current movie goers agree, see it in S3D.

HUGO has taken in $15 million so far and Paramount is set to aggressively expand to more locations on December 9. In fact HUGO is Scorsese's third highest opening, behind SHUTTER ISLAND and THE DEPARTED. Look for very long legs for this film.

For me, other than AVATAR, there has been nothing to date to come close to this masterpiece. We haven't seen TINTIN yet, but as far as live action 3D is concerned, HUGO is unrivaled.

Why should you see it? It's one of those rare movies (rarer these days especially) that resonates at all levels. You will laugh, cry, be horrified, scared and in the end be completely satisfied. Moreover, the next day you will be thinking about the splendor you just saw. What else is there to ask from a movie?

Martin Scorsese doesn't have to prove a thing even though this is his first film working with children. He IS one of a handful of our key cultural treasures and consistently delivers time and time again. HUGO is no exception and the fact that this is his first 3D movie and that he hits it out of the park is no surprise.

What is a surprise, is seeing timeless Scorsese signature directions in a family oriented adventure. It suddenly dawns on you how much you adore his way of shooting scenes and capturing emotion. How he tells a story - ANY story. I had never stopped to think about that until I was in this movie. Not a story that is old and tired but an exciting new adventure for all ages. Nor 3D that was not well thought out and lazy. I am talking a full on, visceral experience that cannot be aptly explained in this post. Simple scenes like a man on a stage (I won't give away who) whose head and body occults a massive light beam directed at him, the movie goer in it's eclipse. Our camera slowly dollies right as if we're orbiting the scene. I use those terms because it is almost as if an astronomical event was happening when I saw it born on the screen. HUGO is that good.

Then of course, there are the classic Scorsese camera positions like the straight down angle that he has made famous. Imagine that in 3D now. Seeing depth to the floor rather than a wall and having the eerie feeling of floating over a dramatic scene. Scorsese! I couldn't have imagined a better person to show the world a dramatic 3D movie. And HUGO is dramatic, don't kid yourself. The character development is superb. Of course HUGO is also an adventure and a comedy all rolled up into one.

The story is amazing and full of originality. I love that it is set in Paris, though the English accents threw me off a tad (I might have even given this movie a ten if that wasn't the case!). Yes I know English accents are commonly used to depict foreign languages being spoken in an exotic way that doesn't require subtitles, but still I think I would have preferred french accents. But more importantly Scorsese has chosen to introduce his brand of S3D through a homage to film history and childhood memories. So well done.

A MUST SEE. A cultural and visceral experience for the whole family. 9.5 out of 10 stars.

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