Saturday, November 12, 2011

IMMORTALS Begin Life With A Big Bang!

If you haven't seen IMMORTALS yet, what's slowing you down? I saw it last night and man did it impress! We had a special screening with Robert Maillet who played "Minotaur" (the torturer) who gave a Q&A afterwards.

I am not giving any spoilers with this mini-review. However the gloves are off in the comments! :-)

Tarsem Singh has certainly spread his wings with this movie. Some critics (37% rotten) have blasted the story - well I am here to tell you that you can safely ignore them (along with most audiences, 75% fresh). Is it a perfect story? No. Is it passable? Certainly. I liked the storyline in fact. And the visuals? Beyond reproach. It's a fantastic journey and I simply love how Singh presented and used the gods and titans.
Henry Cavill did a fairly good job with Theseus and I was impressed with how Singh wove in how his future was being decided (via Frieda Pinto playing Phaedra) by the actions he takes every day.

A couple of cheesy moments but they pass QUICKLY. This is an absolute must see in 3D too and the audiences agree - thus far 66% have chosen 3D for their tickets.

Relativity Media is looking at $33 - 38 million for the weekend, which is gangbusters and records are being broken for the company. In fact their projections were no where near these figures. Champagne glasses are clinking at Relativity. Congratulations! And to Tarsem Singh - BRAVO.

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