Friday, December 09, 2011

AWOLNATION’s 3D Music Video 'NOT YOUR FAULT' Released

Hollywood, CA (Dec 8, 2011), Stereoscopic 3D production studio, The Faktion, recently produced the first stop-motion, 3D music video for burgeoning artist, AWOLNATION (Red Bull Records).

You can check out the 2D version right here.

Faktion Director, Cameron Duddy (Bruno Mars, Rachel Roy, Awolnation), has now created 3 music videos for AWOLNATION, including the recent Gold Record single, “Sail”. For “Not Your Fault”, Duddy took his vision to a new level in conceiving a world of unhinged retro fantasy - one that involves an abominable snowman, rapacious sea monsters, aliens and one epic moon battle.

At its core, 'Not Your Fault' is a love story: A damsel in distress that can only be saved by a fearless hero. That hero being Aaron Bruno from AWOLNATION, backed only by his (somewhat) fearless band. Its comedic and graphic violence, elaborate sets and fantastical monsters juxtapose the video’s heartfelt story.

The live action performance of AWOL was shot in native stereoscopic 3D, and collaged with 2D cutouts layered into Z-space in post-production. The stop-motion animation was also shot in native stereoscopic 3D, using advanced motion control rigs and executed over a record breaking four weeks by a talented team of animators from projects such “Celebrity Death Match” and “Robot Chicken”.

Cameron Duddy states: “Not Your Fault” is a prime example of craftsmanship, collaboration and creativity at it’s best. The level of complexity and innovation required by every department not only met, but exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

Craig Bernard, Faktion’s Executive Producer and owner of Boulevard Industries, has over 12 years experience producing music videos and commercials. His push to produce the video in 3D was motivated by a practical analysis of the growing market for 3D in the home and on mobile devices. According to Craig Bernard, “3D will ultimately reinvent the music video”. Although 3D is still in its infancy, short form 3D content is the ideal way to explore the medium on glasses free handsets; home theaters and 3D enabled laptops and tablets.

“Not Your Fault” premiered on MTV November 24th and is currently #5 on the best new videos list at Mtv’s Push Program. The full 3D version of “Not Your Fault” premiered on the Nintendo DS3 December 7th, and is available to over 7 million DS3 owners worldwide. A theatrical premier of the music video is slated for early 2012, along with global 3D distribution within the home and mobile 3D devices launching in 2012.

About The Faktion:
Founded in 2009, The Faktion is a company of 3D creative and executive professionals versed in the demands of stereoscopic 3D production, post-production, visual effects, 3D marketing and distribution. The Faktion’s combined experience ranges from award-winning feature films, global brand launches, television series, music videos and commercials. Clients include: Scion, Red Bull, Real D, Ford/Team Detroit, Ogilvy/CHI for American Family Insurance, and Coca-Cola. For more information visit:

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