Monday, December 05, 2011

Universal Has Asked Spielberg For A Re-release Of JURASSIC PARK In 3D! And JURASSIC PARK 4 In Discussion...

Wow - for all you JURASSIC PARK fans there is some very real movement toward some rather large developments!

Firstly, Universal has definitely approached Steven Spielberg to re-release JURASSIC PARK as a converted 3D movie. Our friend Frosty over at Collider interviewed mega producer Kathleen Kennedy who spilled the beans. The main issue with this taking place is the tightly packed schedule of Spielberg who HAS to be a part of the conversion along with the movie's Director of Photography (DP).

If JP3D is done right, wow! It's another chance to regain some of that lost feeling of awe that we all lost after watching the same movie dozens of times. 3D would allow us to go back to that theater and revive some of that! Definitely enthusiastic about it.

Secondly, Spielberg is moving forward with JURASSIC PARK 4 - not writing a script yet, but discussing it. Kennedy makes sure we all know that the story comes first and foremost.

Kennedy is right in that you can no longer fool the audience with badly converted or shot 3D. It has to be done right or you won't get the draw. Nothing new there as far as we're concerned - we've been preaching that sermon at MarketSaw for years now haven't we? Hopefully we'll see these developments... errr develop, in the coming months!

Oh and Kennedy also thinks we'll see TINTIN 2 at Christmas 2014 or summer of 2015. The script is being written now and should be ready in the February/March timeframe :-)

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