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Clearly I'm a huge Sam Worthington fan. I met him briefly a couple of years ago in the wake of AVATAR and he is a class act. He speaks his mind, but a class act.

Collider had a chance to speak with him recently and asked a couple of quick questions about THUNDER RUN and WRATH OF THE TITANS. Here's how he responded:

Worthington: "I’m doing a thing called Thunder Run later on in the year, which if it works it’s very ambitious. It’s based on an actual case where 300 tanks went into Baghdad. You can’t do that for real, it costs way too much money and setup time to reset 300 tanks. How we’re doing it is a bit like a cross between Avatar and Tron, a mo-cap kind of world, which is interesting. They’ve shown me some designs and they’ve shown me their little practice on it, but if they pull it off it’s certainly gonna be a different type of film."

On Jonathan Liebesman (Director, WRATH OF THE TITANS) going for a more realistic tone:
"He wanted that, he wanted to be like a Ridley Scott kind of feel. It was more this: putting CG characters into this kind of world, it shouldn’t seem as if the CG characters are the whole thing, we got the creatures in there but they’ve gotta mesh with what we’ve set up, rather than us going to them they had to mesh with us. But primarily what it is, it’s about fathers and sons. It just happens to have a shit load of monsters, it just happens to be set in a greek mythological world, but essentially it’s about a father and a son, that’s what it’s about."

On whether he has seen the finished WRATH product:
"I’ve seen the movie, it’s awesome. I love it. It’s the same world (as the first movie), it’s got big fuckin’ monsters, it’s a blockbuster. Everything that I personally felt that I’d let down in the first one, I got the chance to rectify."

Check out the brief chat:

We'll have more on THUNDER RUN as soon as humanly possible! I am very curious about this project. And WRATH OF THE TITANS just improved in my books. I want to see how they tackled bringing in a Ridley Scott type of feel of realism...

Source: Collider

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