Saturday, January 21, 2012

UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING Tops Friday Box Office - Looking At $25M Weekend!

Well it's a good movie so I'm not surprised with the box office so far. UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING took in just under $10m on Friday on track for a very cool $25m for it's opening weekend.

Further U:A garnered a solid "A-" for a CinemaScore according to Sony Screen Gems.

George Lucas' RED TAILS came in second on Friday with $6m on track for a $15m weekend which is excellent for it's genre. Wish it was in 3D. Those soaring dogfights suspended in midair in three dimensions would have been spectacular!

I'll update you on the box office results for the weekend as well - get out and see it! I was snowed in last night, but trying for it tomorrow!

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