Thursday, January 26, 2012

Watch: Interview With Phil "Captain 3D" McNally Of Dreamworks Animation

Hey guys - here's an interesting watch! I've known Phil "Captain 3D" McNally (virtually at least!) since the very early days of MarketSaw and he has been a great asset to have to draw upon when needed. Moreover - he's a great guy!

All things 3D goes through Phil at Dreamworks Animation, so you can imagine how busy he has been the past few years since Jeffrey Katzenberg made the call that all future DWA movies will be stereoscopic 3D.

I still haven't met Phil despite being invited to DWA to see their stuff in action and to premiere's of their awesome 3D animations - but I will make it down one of these days absolutely. As many of you know, I live in Canada so geography / timing is a bit of an issue.

So check out the interview done through Scot Wilkinson of Home Theater Geeks:

I love his perspective on things!!

Image: Lindsay-Marie Stewart
Source: Home Theater

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