Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cameron's Next Theatrical Release Will NOT be Sci-Fi, But In Fact Science Reality! *Video Clip*

Plans have been revealed for not only a TV documentary for National Geographic, but also a 3D theatrical release about his recent voyage to the bottom of the world.

The record breaking solo dive could be in theaters later this year or early 2013.

Naturally, Cameron and his team spent a lot of time designing and fine tuning the 3D cameras used on the dive. Cameron commented on them at the recent TITANIC 3D re-release in London:

"They're a tenth of the size and weight of the 3-D camera that I used to go down to Titanic depth," Cameron said. "We spent a fair bit of the development budget of the sub figuring out how we would be lighting it and how we would do 3-D photography at full ocean depth. We did tackle a lot of challenges, but always, the thinking was this expedition is going to get paid for by a film."

The documentary will also re-create the original dive that was made by navy officer and a swiss engineer.

Looking forward to seeing history being made on the big screen. Not sci-fi, SCIENCE REALITY.

Source: Yahoo

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