Friday, March 09, 2012

Disney's JOHN CARTER Officially Released!

It's here! Are you checking out Disney's JOHN CARTER this weekend? Let me know what you think! The comments section will be completely spoilerish so feel free to rant or rave about the sci-fi epic.

The midnight showings took in an estimated $500,000 which was below expectations, but the real numbers are this weekend. Apparently JOHN CARTER is going over VERY well in Russia where it now holds the largest opening record at $6.5m. The Taylor Kitsch starrer is opening in 3,749 locations in North America, 290 of which will be presenting the movie in IMAX. Here's hoping that the numbers are high and that the movie EARNS it. From the looks of things - it has earned it. Review forthcoming.

I could not make a midnight screening unfortunately, but will be definitely checking it out tonight - in IMAX 3D! You are... MarketSaw... From Earth? :-)

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