Wednesday, March 28, 2012

James Cameron Talks TITANIC 3D, AVATAR 2, PROMETHEUS And Further Conversions From His Library!

Oh man - what key questions this interviewer asked! Gotta love it. James Cameron got cornered for a few questions on the red carpet of the TITANIC 3D re-release and he had some cool things to say about the disaster movie.

Oh yeah, he mentioned a few tidbits about AVATAR 2, PROMETHEUS and whether he will be converting ALIENS, the TERMINATOR(s) and others from his awesome library. :-)

Check this out:

When this guy talks, you just kind of hang on his every word - you know what I mean? I can vouch for there being nothing yet to report on AVATAR 2 & 3 'cause my sources haven't been able to send me anything yet!

It's nice to know the AVATAR universe is next on his production plate though. More when I get it!! Thanks for the heads up EBostock!

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