Thursday, March 15, 2012

JURASSIC PARK Celebrates It's 20th Anniversary With A 3D Theatrical Release!! **AND What Classics Would You Like To See In 3D?

Yes! We all knew it was coming but it sure is nice to get a date set early enough to plan around it and I bet most of us want to see JURASSIC PARK again in the cinema in glorious 3D!

Steven Spielberg has probably set the bar better darn high with this conversion and when I learn more about who is doing the work and their process I will let you know.

Universal has set JURASSIC PARK's release date for July 19, 2013.

3D conversion is becoming more and more prevalent these days and with STAR WARS, TITANIC and now JURASSIC PARK with confirmed returns, we're just getting started.

Many of you have spoken up here on MarketSaw about exactly what films you would like to see converted to stereoscopic 3D on different threads - so let's make this comment thread about JURASSIC PARK but also what other classic films you would like to see in 3D. THE MATRIX? JAWS? SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT :-) ? You decide! I will then take the top answers and create a poll for everyone to gain some kind of consensus. I'll post the results for the studios to see - perhaps we can sway some thought on the matter! Ante up guys and gals!

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