Thursday, March 01, 2012

MUST WATCH: Peter Jackson's Video Blog #6 For THE HOBBIT!!

Yes!! Another one! You have to love these behind the scenes looks at THE HOBBIT productions being filmed in New Zealand. What's not to love?

Sean Kelly makes an appearance and of course he earns the coveted post image! :-)

This iteration focuses on the beauty of New Zealand itself. Love seeing how they rigged the Red Epic cameras in stereo configuration in their helicopters (SpaceCam). "There's a chopper behind me isn't there?" LOL! But actually it's quite a serious thing. Being in a helicopter while on location or scouting locations can be deadly as we all know from the tragedy that recently happened in Australia.

I won't go into details just yet on what I particularly enjoyed until after the clip - so ENJOY!

The IT support systems are amazing to see in action! 6 kilometers of cable so far - wow. Is everyone in New Zealand born to be on camera?? Even the caterers were nailing their bits!


If you would like to watch it in HD as well - check it out here.

Man do I ever want one of those Hobbit 2011-2012 production team vests... Size XXXLT please! Looking forward to more of these production clips from the maestro Peter Jackson...

Source: PJ's Facebook Page

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