Saturday, April 07, 2012

Must Watch: TV Spot For THE AVENGERS - Hulk Smash!

Definitely worth a watch but I would understand why you may not want to! These TV spots and trailers / clips are starting to add up and why watch something on the small screen when you know already that you will be paying to see it on the big one!?

We are at the stage now in marketing where these things are designed for folks who are on the fence about going for whatever reason - they need a little something extra to get them to head out to the theaters to see it. Well, most of us are already sold thank you. Still, if you are like me - you HAVE to watch. Curiousity wins 9 times out of 10!

Some new shots here - quite cool indeed. Your call if you want to watch it or not! I kinda have to with my line of work so... :-)

THE AVENGERS assemble May 4. Starting April 25 internationally.

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