Sunday, May 06, 2012

Records HULK SMASHED!! THE AVENGERS Set Biggest Domestic Opening Weekend EVER!

Well would you look at that! I predicted a high of $200m and looks like I was bang on. You just can't dismiss the added revenue from 3D. So many folks were looking at THE DARK KNIGHT as a barometer for this event movie, but clearly TDK isn't in it's league. Heck HARRY POTTER isn't even in this league!

According to the LA Times, THE AVENGERS will be pulling in an estimated $200.3m for the domestic weekend. I'd like to see Christopher Nolan top that one. Won't happen. Not even close.

When THE AVENGERS was first announced I remember saying that it has the possibility of being on the top 5 movies of all time in box office and it looks like that we be happening too with little competition coming soon for the behemoth. I took some flack for that estimate, but I love it when a plan comes together!!

We'll keep you updated with more numbers when they happen, but I wouldn't go listening to others croon on as to what they think the numbers will be. Some were complaining that the $150m estimate that was circulating was too high! Ridiculous. You can pretty much count on a $200m weekend domestically and $600m worldwide by the time Monday morning rolls around. Amazing. Records are meant to be Hulk Smashed.

Source: LATimes

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