Tuesday, May 29, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Corey Turner, 3D Visual Effects Supervisor On Sony's MEN IN BLACK 3

A special treat for you today as I have my recent interview with Corey Turner, 3D Visual Effects Supervisor for MEN IN BLACK 3!

Corey is an accomplished stereographer and while the title may change from project to project he essentially does the same work. He's worked on such mammoth projects as TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON, ALICE IN WONDERLAND and now MIB3. 

He's also had an awesome background in motion and performance capture so he's pretty much done everything I think is cool in technology for Hollywood today!

Below is the timecode breakdown of the 30 minute conversation so you can quickly jump to a key area of interest for you if your under a time crunch. Otherwise I invite you to have a listen to the whole thing as we discuss modern 3D, the advances being made and of course the current box office champ MEN IN BLACK 3.

Interview Timecodes:
0:30 Exciting time for 3D
1:00 On how far 3D conversions have come
2:23 How was he drawn to MIB3
3:10 Why Barry Sonnenfeld chose 3D conversion
5:20 On exactly what his role was on the production
9:54 On how Barry made his job easier
11:52 What shot excited him the most
15:30 How the action was easier to do than the comedic scenes
16:10 Barry doesn't do any panning, which added a challenge for the stereo effect
17:03 Prime Focus was the major 3D conversion house on this production
18:15 On not wanting to be considered a 3D conversion, but a 3D movie
19:15 On rendering native 3D effects shots and adding it to converted 3D
20:20 The major vendors: Prime Focus, Imageworks and Method
21:15 There were 700 VFX shots (1800 shots total)
21:34 On how many seats did Prime Focus use to get the job done (~600)
22:00 On his background in motion and performance capture
24:02 On whether there was mocap on MIB3 or was it all Rick Baker
25:36 Tips for up and coming stereographers
27:00 What's next for him regarding other projects (secretive answer!)

My thanks to Corey for taking the time to speak with me about MIB3 and 3D in general and of course Sony for setting this up for the awesome 3D readers of MarketSaw!

MEN IN BLACK 3 is currently #1 at the box office - if you haven't seen it, get out and get it done! I loved it and the movie effectively puts the finishing touches on an exceptional franchise. The 3D is beyond reproach - wonderfully done, thanks to people like Corey Turner and his team.

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