Thursday, May 03, 2012

New Featurette For ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER Repositions It To More Of A Superhero Origins Movie

I just don't know guys. I would love to see something happen in the alternative history of a US President, but does this work for me? Not yet. Yes, Tim Burton is amazing at getting us to suspend disbelief for his movies, but he's not directing this one - just producing. I will admit here that I am fearful that this movie is not going to do so well.

I think the casting looks good and the visuals are dark enough, but the premise leaves the trailer audiences LAUGHING. That's not a good sign for a movie that takes itself seriously. One can hope that the trailer was just not put together in the correct fashion, but that may be grasping at straws.

This featurette has author Seth Grahame-Smith talking about the movie with director Timur Bakmambetov and Tim Burton. They are talking as if this was actual history which kind of baffles me. The whole thing seems backwards to me. 

Are we seeing a reactionary measure here to try and save the movie by instilling the thought of a superhero genre? It may be too late. I cringe when I hear people laughing during the trailers and I admit without the knowledge of what is going to happen in the movie, seeing Lincoln blowing up a tree with his axe looks ridiculous.

To each their own. I have learned to never totally count out anything Burton touches! ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER opens June 22.

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