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After Mads Mikkelsen had to step away from the role of Malekith The Accursed (very sad about that - very big fan of his work), Marvel went after non other than Doctor Who - Christopher Eccleston for the role.

According to Deadline, Eccleston has signed on so it's a done deal. Malekith often aligns with Loki so it'll be interesting to see two super villains in tandem against Thor.

Malekith is one evil character. Here are his abilities as per Wikipedia:
Malekith has all the normal attributes of a member of the race of dark elves, although his abilities are as a result of above-average development. He possesses superhuman intellect, strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes. As a dark elf, Malekith also has the ability to manipulate the forces of magic for a variety of effects, including teleportation, energy projection, physical malleability, flight (by transforming into mist), illusion casting, and the ability to change the shape and appearance of other beings or objects. Malekith has a vulnerability to iron, which disrupts or cancels his magical spells.

THOR: THE DARK WORLD is slated for November 8, 2013.

Source: Deadline

*** AND ***

Apparently Chris McCoy has been tapped to rewrite Marvel's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. The thrice appointed Black List director will empirically inject his own brand of comedy into what has already been written for the feature by Nicole Perlman (CHALLENGER) and maintain what we have come to expect and love from a Marvel tentpole.

Remember that we are in the post AVENGERS era now and entering Marvel's phase two which will ultimately lead up to THE AVENGERS 2. The big question for me is whether Marvel will bite the bullet and introduce Thanos (the guy at the end of THE AVENGERS credit scene) in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY or wait and have him devastate in THE AVENGERS 2.

You're witnessing art in motion here guys! The creatives at Marvel have been waiting forever to get these titles on the big screen and they are literally exploding with enthusiasm. Can't wait to see the results if THE AVENGERS are any indication of things to come!

Here's what to expect for characters in the movie:
The character lineup will include Drax the Destroyer, a human resurrected as a green warrior with the sole purpose of killing Thanos (the villain in the Avengers final-scene tease); Groot, a giant tree-man; Star-Lord, a gun-toting half-human/half-alien intergalactic vigilante; Rocket Raccoon, a genetically engineered animal with a knack for guns and explosives; and Gamora, the last survivor of her species who was saved by Thanos to be his assassin but now battles him.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is slated for an August 1, 2014 release.

Source: THR

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